About Julia

Julia is a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist based in Montana. She has worked for the past 25 plus years in clinical, private and educational settings. Part of that time was spent coordinating various therapies(including nutrition) for her twin sons with autism. While many of her clients present with diagnoses like autism, ADHD, mood and sensory disorders, food sensitivities and digestive disorders, most share the common problem of disordered brain chemistry. With appropriate nutrition measures in place, underlying symptoms improve,  resulting in better gut, brain and whole body health.

Individualized Nutrition

Uncover the Root Cause

Every individual is a biochemically unique being. Many health issues ranging from simple to complex often have, at their core, underlying nutrition problems. Uncovering these core problems involves a bit of detective work.

Nutrition Action Plan

A comprehensive health and nutrition assessment looks at individual and family health history, growth history(for children), current food intake and reported symptoms. Nutritional lab testing is often helpful developing a more specific plan but is not required to get started. Testing can be ordered if needed and/or existing lab results can be reviewed. Identified problems can then be addressed through the development and implementation of a personalized nutrition action plan.

Specialty Areas

  • Autism, ADHD and Related Disorders
  • Food Allergies/Sensitivities/Intolerances
  • Digestive Disorders(Celiac, IBS, IBD, etc.)
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
  • Brain Healthy Eating  For All Ages


  • Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment
  • Diet/Supplement Recommendations
  • Nutritional Lab Testing
  • Special Diet Guidelines
  • Shopping suggestions
  • Pantry/Meal Makeover
  • Recipes
  • Resources
  • Group presentations

Schedule A Consultation

Julia Turner

What to Expect


Prior to your consultation Julia will need:

  1. Completed intake form
  2. Consulting agreement
  3. Any pertinent lab tests or reports
  4. Copy of a growth chart(child)

Using this information as well as what she gathers from you during the consultation, Julia will make recommendations and work with you to establish a nutrition action plan.


Implementing change is a process. Julia generally recommends at least 2 follow-ups at spaced out intervals to fine tune your plan as well as assess progress, making changes as needed.

Types of Nutrition Consultations:

Initial: 60 minutes

Follow-Up: 25 or 50 minutes

**Consultation Packages Available**

How to Schedule:

Email or call Julia to schedule a consultation. Once scheduled, you will receive forms to complete and return prior to your first appointment along with payment; checks or PayPal accepted.

Consultations available via phone, web video, or in person in select Montana locations.

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